How to Play

Creating a Login

Initially you will need to register with your email address and create a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain an upper case and lower case letter, a symbol, and a number.


Once you are registered you will be prompted to create an online profile by selecting a “screen name” of your choosing. Password will remain the same.


You will also need to select at least 2 of the languages offered.  You can come back to your account at any time to make language changes — but you will always have to have at least 2 languages selected.  

Finding an Opponent

You can challenge/start a game by tapping on the name of a suggested opponent. The common languages in which they play are listed.  After selecting an opponent you will be able to select at least two of the common languages to start a game.


Or you can invite someone new to play.  To do that, please tap the “friends” icon at the bottom of your screen. If you do not see a friend listed then tap “All Friends” at top of screen, then tap “Invite” and select the contact method accordingly. Your friend will receive the invitation to play. A game will not be able to begin until your friend has registered and signed up.

How to play:

Now you are at the fun, exciting, and challenging part — the actual game!


You will receive character tiles drawn from the alphabets of the 2 or more languages in which you and your opponent have agreed to play.  (for example:  English and Spanish; French and Italian; French, Italian and Spanish; etc)  


The goal is to make words using the characters in your tile tray — much like other similar word-building games. Each tile has an individual value that is totaled for all words that you create. A number of squares on the playing grid are bonus tiles. These include double letter (DL), triple letter (TL), double word (DW), triple word (TW), and change language (CL)!


Words have to played in the current Language of Play (LOP).  The LOP is highlighted at the top of your game screen. The LOP changes when a word is played across a “Change Language” (CL) square.  The player playing a word across a CL square will have to choose what the next LOP will be.  The LOP has to change after crossing a CL square.  Only words in the current LOP are accepted and scored.


Words that have been played remain and can be used to make additional words — in the current LOP. For example, player 1 plays the word “play” while the LOP is in English. On a subsequent turn when the LOP is Spanish either player may add an “A” to the English word “play” to make the Spanish word “playa”.

Power Ups:

There are two Power Up options:  Change Language or Swap tiles. Tap on the “store” icon at the bottom of the Games page. You may purchase coins and then use the coins to purchase your desired Power Up.


The Change Language Power Up allows you to change the LOP before you play your word.


The Swap Power Up allows you to swap out character tiles before you play your word without losing your turn.

Stimulate your mind, enjoy yourself, learn new words, have fun!